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CrossFit can be scaled to anybody, any age, and any level of fitness. It’s fun, it’s safe, and best of all it gets results. CrossFit focuses on developing Strength, Power, Speed, Agility, Accuracy, Coordination, Balance, Stamina, Cardiovascular Endurance, and Flexibility. By constantly varying your workouts and performing them at a high intensity you will reach new levels of fitness you never dreamed of!


Be ready to have a coach encourage you to your limits and completely transform your life! We start with a dynamic warmup to help you figure out all the modifications you might need for your workout. MAXsweat is a 50 minute high-intensity style class featuring cardio, strength, and core work utilizing kettlebells, dumbbells (no barbells!) and a variety of cardio equipment.


MAXoly is a weekly Olympic Lifting program designed to improve the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. While increased weight is a goal, an improved technique is at the forefront. Week to week, athletes work on core lifts as well as auxiliary movements to increase strength and efficiency. With multiple coaches, everyone gets personalized cues and critiques.


This class provides next-level training focusing on Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, and Press. Slower pacing allows for individualized instruction. MAXbarbell is for you if you are just starting and want to learn the correct form or are a more experienced lifter wanting to take your strength and ability to the next level.

Additional Offerings


MAXnutrition is a way to reach your full potential in and outside of the gym by focusing on the foundations of nutrition. Work with PN-L1 Coach Amy to reach basic lifestyle goals to help you feel and perform your best.

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The MassageFit clinic was established in 2009 as a way to help keep members and nonmembers functional. It’s about helping you recover from your workouts, staying ahead of injuries, and providing relief if you do have an injury. We are here to help you relax, rejuvenate and recover.

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