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We love when our members check in on Facebook and we love giving back.  So, after a lot of planning and thought, Maximus is proud to announce the Sweat Angels program to our community.  What is Sweat Angels you ask?  It’s a program by which CrossFitters can help give back by just doing CrossFit.  Sounds awesome huh?  

What is Sweat Angels?  

Facebook check ins at Maximus equal real world good.  We do this by partnering with some of the best non-profits in the world.  They let us know what’s needed, and we help out in any way that we can.  It’s that simple:

Check in = Real World Good

So what does this mean for you?

It means get your butt to the gym every available class and MAKE SURE to check in on Facebook.  We’ll keep you up to date on the amount of good done so all you have to do is use your membership (that you already pay for).

Check out the Sweat Angels Facebook Page

Check out the Sweat Angels Community Page

Get in shape and Give back.   Be a Sweat Angel.

10 thoughts on “Sweat Angels

  1. Incredibly innovative and awesome to know simply by checking into the place we are always at we can make a difference in the world!!!

  2. The Sweat Angel affiliates pay for the check-ins. Users check in through their own Facebook accounts and app. The gym only sees/knows how many total check-ins they have.

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