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Personal Training Services


What type of training programs do you have available?

1.  Lean, Sexy, and Fit Program

For women that want to look better and feel better.  This program focuses on everything that women want to lift, tighten , and tone.  It concentrates on using bodyweight and external resistance to help shape and tone your legs, butt, and thighs.  It also focuses on corrective exercises that will help improve your posture and sculpt your arms, and trim your waist.  You should never have to feel self-conscious about wearing shorts, tanks tops, or a backless dress again!

2.  Health & Wellness Program

For anyone looking for a long term fitness plan.  When you get to a certain age, the focus is on function and then form.  How you look, should match how you feel.  This program focuses on corrective exercises, core strengthening, Look better, feel better, that is the focus of the program!  Whether you are working around injuries, looking for weight-loss, or looking to improve your overall quality of life this your program.

3.  Skinny Bastard Program

Like the guy on the beach that gets sand kicked in his face, none of us want to be that guy.  If your strongest desire is to gain strength and muscle mass this is your program!  This program comes equipped with the tools you need to add some serious size and strength.  It focuses on the basic barbell lifts, it will cover your programming, nutrition for strength & size, and recovery methods.  Commit your self to the program:  Eat, Sleep, Lift, Get Strong!

4.  Pick Your Lift

Learn to move a barbell or work on any Crossfit related movement as well.  I will teach you to Squat, Deadlift, Power Clean, Snatch, you name it.  I take your current ability levels into account.


- Do you just do a bunch of weightlifting?

That depends entirely on your goals.  Some clients I work with don’t even need to touch a weight depending on their goals and the program they are doing.

- Do I have to be a member at Crossfit Maximus to do your personal training?

No, you do not have to be a member.

- Is this Crossfit Training?

Although I have some clients that mix in Crossfit on their other training days, we do not use pure Crossfit in our personal training services.  We have several clients that have never done ANY Crossfit Training, nor do they wish to.  We are perfectly fine with that.

Rates: Contact individual coach for rates and availability

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  1. I am interested in personal training and would like to know how much it costs per session thanks

  2. Interested in skinny bastard program or pick your lift. Price? Evening Appointments?

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