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Tim Rogers, BS, DC, CFT

Dr. Tim Rogers joined Crossfit Maximus following a long career in athletic training, rehab and injury prevention. A chiropractor, kinesiologist, chiropractic neurologist and nutritionist, Dr. Tim has been board certified in 5 states and nationally recognized as a speaker for the profession providing continuing education to chiropractors nationwide. Topics he has authored and spoken on include “The Chiropractic Treatment and Management of Headaches”, “Chiropractic Rehabilitation”, The Dynamic Analysis and Treatment of Movement Related Dysfunction” and “Neural Disregulation” which borrow from a lifetime of personal experience and study.

Dr. Tim began a career in chiropractic following successful elite level athletic pursuits in swimming and lacrosse. Having suffered debilitating injuries on the lacrosse field, he found chiropractic as a “last resort” when other methods of treatment failed. A long road of recovery spurred the idea that the best way to avoid injury is to train in a way to arm yourself against it. Following 14 years of studying and working in the profession, (me)² and F.L.E.X. were created. Both acronyms stand for systems of analysis and treatment for dysfunction that resorts in pain. “A body properly functioning is one without pain and vice versa”, says Dr. Tim. “Techniques that chase pain are outdated and limited and eventually predispose a patient to more injury.”

In addition to chiropractic, he has owned his own successful personal training studio, catering to athletes of every level. “It was the perfect respite from practice to learn a different language…in the end it was this experience that brought me to merging the training and chiropractic experiences,” says Rogers. “I had the privilege of working with several professional athletes who taught me the nuances of attaining peak performance: its one thing to be an athlete, another entirely different thing to train and preserve the interest of one especially with millions of dollars on the line.”

Upon a chance meeting, Matt Sharp and Dr. Tim knew that there was an instant connection.  “The answer for treating injury is preventing injury by creating a deep sense of strength and stability”, Dr. Tim says, “CrossFit training is ideal for living a life without worry of injuring yourself while living your life the way you want.” Matt Sharp admitted that a chiropractor who embraced intense training was a rare find and “one who used intense training for preventing injury is even more rare…we feel that Dr. Tim is a perfect fit with CrossFit.”

Dr. Tim Rogers is available for consultation via appointment: Contact Crossfit Maximus or stop in the new office for your (me)² evaluation…you won’t believe what you see…or feel!  Email Dr. Tim directly to set up an evaluation at chirofitdoc@gmail.com!

ChiroFit List of Services:

  • Functional Chiropractic care
  • (me)² – Maximus Efficiency/Minimal Effort – Finding your power leaks through dynamic analysis of movement related dysfunction.
  • “Prehab”/Rehab Services
  • Adhesion Reduction
  • Run Training
  • Nutritional Evaluation/Detoxification

2 thoughts on “Tim Rogers, BS, DC, CFT – ChiroFit

  1. Hello Dr. Rogers,

    My name is Grant Sanders, and I am a licensed chiropractor and graduate student at UK in exercise physiology. My flyer was put up at your location on Palumbo Drive to recruit resistance-trained subjects for testing the effects of lumbar/SI adjustments on postactivation potentiation. If you have some time, I would like to meet with you to introduce myself and discuss how the amelioration of neural dysregulation (mentioned on your bio page) and other neurophysiological effects of the adjustment may improve athletic performance, as this is a primary topic within the literature review of my dissertation.

    Please let me know if you are interested, and if so, we can meet at a time most convenient with your schedule.

    Thanks and have a great evening,


  2. Hi Tim,
    I took your advice several years ago at a CEU seminar and
    lost 86lbs. In October of 2013 I was named number one in International team competition standing at the Jinan invitational Kung Fu competition in China.
    My 64th birthday has just come and gone and I would like to make an appointment for a health consult at your office. Would you please contact me at your earliest convenience.
    Merry Christmas,

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