Kathy Childress – Coach, Director of Maximus Boot Camp

Kathy is a Level 1 CrossFit instructor at CrossFit Maximus, and has also completed the CrossFit gymnastics specialty certification.  Kathy, a lifelong athlete competing in sports such as gymnastics, diving, soccer and cheerleading, believes that CrossFit is a great way to keep that competitive spark within us alive. Even the most novice or “recreational exerciser” will fall in love with the idea and get more fit an ever imagined.

Kathy holds a B.S. in Communications from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.  After spending 10 years working as a Marketing Coordinator for a biotechnology company, teaching group fitness as a hobby and founding and operating Kathy’s Fitness Boot Camp, she decided to pursue a career as a CrossFit coach and soon became part of the ownership team at CrossFit Maximus.  Kathy’s Boot Camp is in its 6th year and has reached hundreds of individuals in the community excited about jump starting their fitness journey.

Kathy and her husband Tripp, who is also Level 1 CrossFit certified, have three very active children.  Kathy’s goal is to turn everyone on to the benefits of functional movement.  “It is about getting up, getting active, and having fun while working hard and reaching your goals.”


  • CrossFit Level I Certification
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Certification
  • Group Fitness Instructor for over 20 Years

CrossFit birthday: December, 2007

Contact Info:

Email: Kathy@CrossFitMaximus.com

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