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The next series in the quest for the “Fittest on Earth” will be May 11-13, 2012 in Columbus, OH.  CrossFit Maximus is sending a team of three men and three women and two alternates to the regional event at the Ohio Expo Center.  We are raising money to help offset the estimated $3,500 it will cost to send these athletes to compete on behalf of CFM and win a spot at the CrossFit Games finals in Los Angeles in July.

2012 CrossFit Maximus Affiliate Team:

Name and age:
  • Matt Sharp (Team Captain) – 34
  • Finished 12th in 2012 Central East Sectionals
Matt’s Athletic background:
  • Ran Track (400m) and played Football (wide receiver) at Kentucky State University 1998-2000
  • Played football (wide receiver) at Eastern Kentucky University 1996-1998
Interesting facts about Matt:
  • I am proud and honored to be part of the awesome group of people that makes up our Affiliate Team.  They are an inspiration to me and everyone at our box.
  • I fought through a knee injury during last year’s open and performed the last two WODs back to back the day before having knee surgery.  I was able to recover in time for Regionals where our team performed admirably and had a great time.
  • Favorite cheat meal is Donatos Pizza and sweet tea from Chik-fil-a.
  • I love training and training with our athletes.  It’s the part of the day where I can physically and mentally push myself to the limit.

Interesting facts about Matt’s life and CF:

  • My daughter, Austyn, has essentially been raised in and around CrossFit.  I started training friends in a church attic when she was a few months old, and we would put her crib in a place where she could see the WOD going on and listen to the music.  She’s 3 now and knows her way around our CF better than anyone.  I’ve got some very cool pics if you’d like J.

How long Matt has been doing CF and how he got into it:

  • I’ve been doing CF a little under three years.  I found it on the internet while searching through various workout programs. After playing college football, I still had the bug to work out and compete but nothing was pushing me like I really wanted. Once I found CF, I began training with a few friends and eventually purchased a guest membership while on vacation in Tucson, AZ to CrossFit Northwest Tucson.  Needless to say after getting my butt kicked by future Master’s Game Champion Greg Walker I was hooked.  Once returning home some basic equipment was purchased and I began training friends in a church attic.  Fast forward to today, I am one of the owners of CrossFit Maximus in Lexington, KY.  We have an awesome facility (15,000sqft) and an even better community of 400 friends and family.  I am very blessed to have found CF and truly appreciate the difference that it’s made in my life.

Name & Age:

  • Chris Walker – 29
  • Finished 33rd in 2012 Central East Sectionals

Chris’ Athletic Background:

  • Walk on for Texas A&M Men’s Basketball 2004-2006.  Started in 58 of 64 games played in 2 year career.  2006 NCAA tournament participant advancing to the round of 32.
          • On coaching staff for University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball team from 2007-2009.  I organized strength and     conditioning for athletes in 2007

Interesting Facts about Chris:

  • Ran 4 marathons, PR at 3:34
  • Still hold records for Power Clean (285) and Bench Press (320) for Texas A&M Men’s basketball team
  • In 2006 an award was created and named in my honor, “Chris Walker Hustle Award”, given annually to the player whom displayed the most effort day in and day out
  • Favorite WOD: 5K Row (if that’s considered a WOD)

Interesting facts about Chris’ life and CF:

  • Introduced to crossfit by my brother who competes at Crossfit Dallas Central (Don Walker)
  • First crossfit competition was the spectator rowing competition at the South Central Regional 2011, placed 2nd in the rowing event and won a t-shirt.  Still wear it today.
  • My brother and I spent our vacation money last year to go to the Crossfit Games as spectators.
  • Moved into a new house and basement is dedicated to crossfit (and part of garage)
  • I take a lot of pride in being a taller crosfitter who still competes at a high level
  • Finished 2nd in first crossfit competition (All Cities Open 2012 hosted by Crossfit Dallas Central)

Name and age:

  • Chris Sweat – 39
  • Finished 127th in 2012 Central East Sectionals

How I train:

  • Due to my work and family schedules, I train every week day and take the weekends off.  Training currently consists of heavy weights and heavy WOD’s (think “Crossfit Football”).

Chris’ Athletic Background:

  • I played high school football (offensive tackle), but other than that, no other real organized sports.  I trained in martial arts for almost 20 years before stopping last year to spend more evenings with my family.  I’ve dabbled in weightlifting for years and trained consistently for triathlons for about three years.  Nothing is as much fun as Crossfit, though.

Chris’ CrossFit Experience:

  • I have been doing Crossfit since September of 2007, when a buddy of mine found it on-line during a search for training programs that would help in preparing for the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge.  I have found nothing better to prepare for firefighting and have used it to build the recruit physical training program for the Lexington Fire Dept. I am sold on it as a builder of a high base level of fitness and absolutely love the programming and group WOD’s – the community at Crossfit Maximus is really what keeps me engaged.

Work/Rest Schedule:

  • On during the week/off on the weekends

How long Chris has been doing CF:

  • Since September of 2007

Name and Age:

  • Jennifer Smith – 25
  • Finished 5th in 2012 Central East Sectionals

Jen’s Athletic background:

  • University of Kentucky Track & Field 2004 – 2008 (800M & pole vault)


Interesting facts about Jen:

  • Favorite sweets include cupcakes, reese cups and cake pops which I try to have at least something every day.  That’s my secret to success (and sanity) with Crossfit!
  • My hometown of Ashland, KY is one of the fattest cities in America.  Maybe that’s where I got my sweet tooth :)

Jen’s CrossFit Story:

  • Involved with CF since 2009.  I needed something to do once I graduated from UK and was no longer running track.  I started doing CF WODS out of a small gym with my older brother until I found Crossfit Maximus.

Name and age:

  • Kelli Fuzy Cramer – 28
  • Finished 26th in 2012 Central East Sectionals

Fun Fact about Kelli:

  • My Nickname at Crossfit Maximus is ironically KFC, because of my initials. That’s paleo fried chicken of course.


Kelli’s Bio:

  • Kelli Cramer is a Level I CrossFit certified coach, a certified CrossFit Endurance coach and a Licensed Massage Therapist.  Before CrossFit, soccer was her primary passion. She played on several traveling teams in Georgia, Korea and Japan before she headed to college to play for a year.
  • Eventually winding up at the University of Kentucky, she earned her Bachelors and Masters Degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. The obese population was her focus, again taking her all over the country training, educating and creatively inspiring teen-age kids how to live a healthier lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise.
  • Her love for CrossFit started because she grew frustrated with the traditional nutrition and exercise routines as a trainer. When Kelli found CrossFit and the Paleolithic nutritional model she quickly became passionate about both. Engaging in both simultaneously, has taken herself and many of her clients to a new level of fitness that they never could have imagined getting to. The team atmosphere, support and camaraderie that come with this style of training was something she craved after playing sports her whole life.
  • As well as CrossFitting, with the help of the other amazing coaches, Kelli started MassageFIT, CrossFit Maximus’s massage therapy clinic, in January of 2010.  Massage therapy is one of her ways of helping hard working CrossFitters relax and recover faster from any injuries and chronic pains with the intent of helping them get back into the arena to work hard again!
  • CrossFit Birthday: May 5, 2008

Name and age:

  • Megin Springate – 28
  • Finished 34th in 2012 Central East Sectionals

Megin’s Athletic background:

  • I played basketball and ran track in High School. Other than that, I just played intramural sports in College to stay in shape and for competition.


Interesting facts about Megin:

  • I received my Bachelors and Masters degree from Eastern Kentucky University and now teach Physical Education and Health to Elementary students in Kentucky.
  • I “try” to eat Paleo as much as I can. But I will have Danatos Pizza and 5 Guys Burgers every weekend!

Interesting facts about Megin’s life and CF:

  • My work outs are programmed by the best coach ever, Matt Sharp, at Crossfit Maximus.
  • I have met some of my best and most loyal friends through Crossfit.  They have become like family to me.  Shout out to Lincoln Brown, Nick Phillips and Reid Bowles!!!!!!!

How long Megin has been doing CF and how she got into it?

  • I have been crossfitting for 2 years now. I began in March of 2010, because my roommate and now one of my best friends, Jennifer Smith (#5 in Region, whoop!) introduced it to me.  She was tired of watching me run, run, and do more running.  It didn’t seem so boring at the time though.
You can donate to our team several ways:
  1. Donate by joining us for our Team Fundraiser Obstacle Course and Cookout! This Saturday, April 28, 2012!
  2. Donate at CFM by charging donations to your account!
  3. Donate online:

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