WOD – Friday – 4/13/12

Mike Wiatrowski

- WOD -

10:00 to find 1RM Push Jerk.
- then -
4 rounds for time:
5 power cleans (185/135)
7 ring dips
9 walking lunges each leg with kbs (44/25)

- Cash Out -

Foam roll and stretch for 5 minutes!!


- Academy -

No Academy classes on Friday

*See Academy schedule for class info


Upcoming Events:

Thursday – April 19, 2012 – BD’s Fundraiser for Amachi

Saturday – April 28, 2012 – Team Maximus OC Fundraiser/Cookout

Athlete of the Month – Sean “A.S.S.” Stafford

Sean before CrossFit

I was born and raised right here in Lexington, KY.  Growing up I was always involved in team athletics and my passion was football.  I loved the intense workouts, the hard hitting, and the strong team bond.  I went to college at the University of Kentucky and around my junior year noticed my body was not the fit, fat free machine it was in high school.  Go figure I would be a victim of the “freshman 20.”  When I was 21, I was hired on with the Lexington Police Department and began the academy.  Once I was finally out on the streets, I soon realized how physical fitness was a huge part of the job.  With foot pursuits, fighting with bad guys and just the overall stress of the job was difficult out of shape.  During this time, I had joined three different “normal” gyms.  I would go for the first couple of weeks then lose interest and start finding excuses not to go.  I had heard of this new gym starting called Crossfit from a fellow Officer who I work with.  He had raved about the gym and I always heard of horror stories of the workouts and how awesome it was.  I was wondering how on earth my buddy could be so sore but yet loved going.  Finally around October 2011, I finally decided to make a change and go to this gym Crossfit.  I scheduled my intro workout with Kathy and I remember I could not finish the whole workout and felt like I was going to pass out.  After recovering at the house, I became

Sean today - CFM member

excited at how hard the work out was, exactly what I was looking for!  I began with the three times a week package and a month later signed up for the unlimited package.  Crossfit is now a life style for me and I continually go for the team atmosphere and the challenging workouts.  Starting Crossfit, I was right around 225-227 pounds.  The first month of working out I noticed some weight loss; however, not near what I was expecting.  I switched to eating Paleo and now I am down to 195 pounds and stronger than I have ever been.  The staff and athletes of Crossfit are awesome and a huge part of why I continue to come back!  I want to thank you for the honor of recognition and will continue to work hard.

-Sean Stafford