The Truth about Pre-made Guacamole!?!

Pre-made Guacamole

When you buy pre-made guacamole, it seems reasonable to expect real guacamole. But is it?
The truth: Most guacamoles with the word “dip” attached to the label suffer from a lack of real avocado. Take Dean’s Guacamole, for example. This guacamole dip is composed of less than 2 percent avocado; the rest of the green goo is a cluster of fillers and chemicals, including modified food starch, soybean oils, locust bean gum, and food coloring. Dean’s is not alone in this offense. In fact, this avocado caper was brought to light when a California woman filed a lawsuit against Kraft after she noticed “it just didn’t taste avocadoey.” Along the same lines, a British judge ruled that Pringles are not technically “chips,” being that they only have 42 percent potato in them (though the ruling was recently reversed).
What You Really Want:  If you want the heart-healthy fat, you’ll need avocado. Wholly Guacamole makes a great guac or mash up a bowl yourself or use a blender. Scoop out the flesh of two avocados, combine with two cloves of minced garlic, a bit of minced onion, the juice of one lemon, chopped cilantro, one medium chopped tomato, and a pinch of salt.

-Men’s Health Magazine

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  1. I forgot to pass this on, but Chipotle and Qdoba make their guacamole in house fresh each and every day. Great source of good fat for the healthy eater.